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Coyote Hills Vista

The Fullerton City Council wants the state’s $ 15 million, but not if it means saving the whole park.

Angela Lindstrom

Reprinted from the Early September Edition of the Fullerton Observer

In the August 2017 issue of the Fullerton Observer, I wrote a somewhat tongue-in-cheek piece titled “I’m All for Saving Coyote Hills… Unless It Can Actually Be Done”. This was in response to the Orange County Register’s misinformed editorial criticizing a couple of pending state legislations to help fund the acquisition of West Coyote Hills for a public park and preserve.

AB 510 and SB 714 legislations as currently proposed by Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva and Senator Newman would set up a multi-year funding program through a Coyote Hills Conservancy to save all of Coyote Hills as a park and preserve for our park poor region of North Orange County. This is consistent with Fullerton voters’ 2012 Measure W referendum that rejected the development of West Coyote Hills.

Sadly, the majority of the Fullerton City Council lived up to my “expectation” by rejecting AB 510 and SB 714 at its August 1st City Council meeting. It’s not that they don’t want the state funds. They want the money to go directly to the City so they can implement what they call the “Path Forward”, a euphemism for the development of West Coyote Hills as proposed by Chevron-Pacific Coast Homes.

This is the “local control” (another euphemism) they want so they can circumvent the conservancy oversight of park funds. Under this path forward to development, the City can purchase a couple of pieces of land at the highest entitled price. But even if that is successful, most of the 760 houses and shopping center will still be built on the remaining land.

Wait, millions of our tax dollars will be paid to Chevron-PCH and we have to live with all the negative impacts of their development: 10,000 additional daily car-trips on our streets, air and dust pollution, houses built on polluted oil wells and an earthquake fault, and overcrowded schools?

Councilwoman Fitzgerald followed up this Council meeting by slamming AB 510 and SB 714 in the OC Register, borrowing the famous words (not infamous as she wrote) of Ronald Reagan: “The most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government, I’m here to help.’” We should be more terrified of the lack ofcitizen local control over our own local government.

But it gets worse. At the August 29th Special Council meeting, Councilwoman Fitzgerald insisted on discussing an un-agendized item to re-write SB714.  She proposed language to poison and weaken SB 714 to enable the development of Coyote Hills.

Fitzgerald Coyote Hills 714

Fullerton City Councilmember Jennifer Fitzgerald introduces language to modify SB 714 during a joint study session about the Fox Block.

SB 714 as proposed by Senator Josh Newman would gather funds to save all 510 acres of Coyote Hills for a public park and preserve. Councilwoman Fitzgerald wants to add language to legitimize the Council’s 2015 approval of Chevron’s Vesting Tentative Tract Map (VTTM), with all of its terms and conditions, including the Environmental Impact Report as the only plan for Coyote Hills (development).

The legitimacy of this VTTM the Fullerton City Council approved by ignoring the people’s 2012 Measure W vote is the very subject of a lawsuit led by the Friends of Coyote Hills, Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks, and the Center for Biodiversity.

If you support saving Coyote Hills and don’t want to lose this funding opportunity, write or call the Fullerton City Council and tell them to support AB 510 and SB 714 as proposed by Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva and State Senator Josh Newman. Stop trying to confuse the public with the path forward to development.

Fullerton City Council

303 W. Commonwealth Avenue | Fullerton, CA 92832

(714) 738-6311



Angela Lindstrom is the President of the Friends of Coyote Hills

Newman SOS Victory

3% isn’t huge, but it’s enough.

Matthew Leslie

Will he stay in his new house in Fullerton? Who knows/Who cares? Sukhee Kang just got  handed a train ticket back to Irvine, finishing third in a top-two primary behind Fullerton’s Josh Newman and Diamond Bar based Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang. The latter two will face off in what we expect to be a tough race in November. We can only wait for the legions of establishment Democrat elected officials and party activists who fell in line to endorse and support carpetbagger Sukhee Kang to get behind Josh Newman, for the good of their party, you know… Including Mr. Kang himself, of course, who we will expect to graciously congratulate Mr. Newman and offer his assistance, if he hasn’t already packed his carpet bag and moved on in search of a political future elsewhere by now.

Goodbye Sukhee

Goodbye, my train is leaving!


Matthew Leslie

Fullerton deserves to have a representative in the California State Senate who has lived here longer than just a few months. Carpetbaggers like recent Irvine resident Sukhee Kang shouldn’t be taken seriously as candidates when they move into a district just to run for office, particularly when there is another candidate in the race, Josh Newman, who has lived in Fullerton for years. Unfortunately, and predictably, the establishment Democrats have chosen to endorse the carpetbagging Mr. Kang for the 29th State Senate District instead of Mr. Newman.

Prove them wrong. Tell the Democratic Party that endorsements should be earned, and not awarded in a top-down decision that locks other Democratic candidates into backing someone in order to access critical funding for their own races. As I noted in a different contest in 2014, carpetbagging is its own special form of insincerity, and it’s the last thing we need in a representative in the California State Senate. Reject the corrupt politics as usual, and support Josh Newman, a longtime Fullerton resident who is bucking the system to try to provide honest representation in a world of disingenuous, self-serving carpetbaggers like Sukhee Kang.

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