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Fullerton Police Chief (for the moment) David Hendricks

Matthew Leslie

UPDATE: The Special Meeting is NOT about Chief Hendricks. It’s about someone connected to the Kelly Thomas case, presumably the since fired FPD officer Jay Cicinelli, who wants his job back, since our incompetent District Attorney, Tony Ruckaukus, couldn’t get him convicted for helping to beat the poor homeless man brain dead.

The more direct reference to the subject of the Closed Session meeting can be found in City Manager Ken Domer’s weekly report at this link:

Why the Closed Session Agenda itself does not include this single explanatory line is unclear.

The Fullerton City will meet in closed session on Thursday Nov. 1, 4:00 p.m. to consider a single agenda item:

PUBLIC EMPLOYEE DISCIPLINE / DISMISSAL / RELEASE Per Government Code Section 54957.1(a)(5)

I believe the Council only officially hires two positions, the City Manager and Chief of Police, and only one of those people has been on leave for two months pending a criminal investigation. Chief David Hendricks, who seemed to have been doing some beneficial housecleaning at the Fullerton Police Departmental during his seven month tenure, appears to himself be headed for the door.

The Chief has been on paid leave while under investigation for a reported off-duty physical altercation with emergency medical personnel called to treat his wife during an August 24 concert in Irvine.

The Council has tried hiring a police Chief from within the ranks and from outside of the city for its last two appointments. Our most recent former Chief Dan Hughes seems to have let the former City Manger off the hook for a drunken car accident, and now it looks like Chief Hendricks is going to be fired for an off-duty fight.

Here’s a suggestion: form a Civilian Police Commission and let them lead the search for a new Chief of Police this time around.

City Hall

Matthew Leslie

The North Orange County League of Women Voters will host a candidate forum in Fullerton’s City Council Chambers for City Council Candidates on Tuesday, October 9, 6:00 p.m. All candidates from the 5th and 3rd Districts have been invited. Questions form audience members will be collected and possibly asked of each candidate.

Matthew Leslie

Early tomorrow morning, between 2:00 and 5:00 a.m, Orange County Vector Control plans to send a truck down streets in two sectors of Fullerton to spray an insecticide into front yards of homes. The insecticide is called Deltagard, a Bayer product containing Deltamethrin, a synthetic pyrethroids neurotoxin.

The insecticide’s Safety Data Sheet can be found at this link: Deltagard_SDS

A map of the planned spray area is below:

OC Vector Map 2

Concerned residents can call the agency at (714) 971-2421, but should be prepared to speak with public relations personnel.

OC Vector only posted notices to neighborhoods midday on Tuesday, October 4, less than 48 hours before the planned spraying. During a meeting of the Fullerton City Council Tuesday night, residents complained of not having received door hangers or phone messages warning them of the impending chemical spraying.

Although some members of the City Council questioned a representative from OC Vector, hastily added to the evening’s agenda, the City Council did nothing substantive to support concerned residents. Instead, following public and council comments, Mayor Doug Chaffee gaveled down further audience questions, and told residents to talk to the OC Vector representative out in the lobby.

OC Vector Truck Spraying

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