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Matthew Leslie


UPDATE: Filings for the Sargeant campaign, including a Form 460 documenting contributions and expenditures, now appear on the City of Fullerton’s website:

City Council candidate Chuck Sargeant sent a campaign mailer that illegally includes an image of Fullerton’s City Seal to residents of District 2, where he is running for office. Sargeant evidently doesn’t know or doesn’t care that individuals or organizations are legally prohibited from using official government seals for private purposes.

Use of the City Seal is explicitly forbidden in the city’s municipal code for anything other than official city business.

Clear enough for anyone who bothers to read it.

Fullerton Municipal Code, Ordinance 2543: “It is unlawful for any person to make or use the seal of the City, or reproduction, thereof, for any purpose other than for the official business of the City, its Council, officers or departments.”

Printing a City Seal on a campaign mailer gives recipients the false impression that it is an official correspondence from the City of Fullerton, giving the candidate an unfair advantage over competitors.

Sargeant already ran for City Council four years ago, finishing far back in a crowded field of 12 candidates. Like that campaign, this current one doesn’t seem to have made any filings with the Fair Political Practices Commission other than a basic 410 filing establishing his campaign committee. Periodic filings are required for any candidate raising or spending over $ 2,000 for a campaign during a calendar year. Violators of this state code face fines for failing to make campaign filings on time, or not making them at all.

Chuck Sargeant will face three other candidates in this first election held specifically for a council seat in District 2. Voters in that district would we well advised to make sure whomever they support understands local laws.

Diane Vena

On 9/17/19, Fullerton City Council Will Vote Whether Put On 2020 Ballot The Issue Of Banning Safe and Sane Fireworks In Fullerton

These are the reasons I gave them for wanting to ban safe and sane fireworks and thereby urging them to vote to put it in the ballot:

I strongly feel that safe and sane fireworks should not be allowed in Fullerton for the following reasons:
• They are not allowed in most Orange County cities.
• Rather than being done on private property as required, they are used on sidewalks and in the street. Travel on streets requires driving over them.
• They disturb people and frighten pets/wildlife.
• Many people do not clean up after the use of these legal fireworks. Those that do, still leave a residue of chemicals, poisons, powder, etc. which end up being washed down the gutters into the ocean.
• They are unhealthful for the environment and people/animals/wildlife because of the smoke, chemicals, and poisons.
• There is no good way to dispose of them that is not harmful to the environment.
• Even used correctly, injuries and fires can occur.
• There are alternatives for group fundraising that are humanely and environmentally responsible.
• Banning them would make it easier for the police to monitor the use of illegal fireworks as NO fireworks would be allowed in the city.
At this very important time of climate change crisis, all of our decisions and actions must be examined in order to choose and act responsibly, humanely, and safely.

Please let the Council know your wishes prior to and at this meeting.

City of Fullerton

Mayor & City Council
303 W. Commonwealth Avenue |
Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 738-6311

Mayor Jesus Silva

Mayor Pro Tem Jennifer Fitzgerald

Council Member Jan Flory

Council Member Bruce Whitaker

Council Member Ahmad Zahra

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