Library Agenda 4-25-18

Matthew Leslie

On Thursday, April 26 the regular 5:00 meeting of the City of Fullerton Library Board of Trustees will include an update on the Hunt Library facility by Library Director Judy Booth.  The meeting will take place in the board room room of the main branch of the Fullerton Public Library located at 353 W. Commonwealth Ave.

Updates about the Hunt Branch should be of interest to anyone interested in ensuring that the closed facility remains in the pubic realm instead of being sold off to fill the deficit of the city’s mismanaged budget.

The best solution, of course, would be for the city council to allocate adequate funding to once again operate the Hunt as a branch of the Fullerton Library system, as it was for half a century, but at least two members of the city council want to sell it–to whom, we might ask?

Hunt Register

The Hunt Branch Library could be sold off by the city—who does that? Who sells a public library?