Sorry, business before public service…

Matthew Leslie

The Rag was glad to see Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald recuse herself from a September 20 Fullerton City Council agenda item involving a payment of $885,000 to Jamboree Housing. Jamboree Housing is listed as a client of Curt Pringle & Associates, the public relations firm that counts Ms. Fitzgerald as a vice president. The prior two posts on this blog reiterated a call for Jennifer Fitzgerald to release a full list of current clients of Curt Pringle & Associates so that Fullerton residents can be assured that Ms. Fitzgerald is not taking part in other decisions that might affect her employer’s interests instead of acting on behalf of the Fullerton populace she was elected to represent.

Although it is good to see Jennifer Fitzgerald recognize this particular conflict of interest, no elected official should be in the position of unilaterally deciding when to recuse herself from future council decisions without some measure of informed oversight by the public. Jennifer Fitzgerald needs to come clean with the public and release a full list of current clients of Curt Pringle & Associates. Her continuing failure to do so can only suggest that she values her own professional career above her service to the people of Fullerton, even if she thinks she is being fair-minded about her actions on the Fullerton City Council.