Fitzgerald Pringle Invitation

You’re invited!

Matthew Leslie

Thinking of having a political fundraiser? Why hold it in someone’s backyard or a dingy restaurant when you can have it right in a lobbyist’s office? It’s even more convenient if you work there anyway. On June 22nd Curt Pringle & Associates will host a fundraiser for the re-election campaign of our current Mayor and Councilwoman, Jennifer Fitzgerald, who is listed as a vice president of the former Anaheim Mayor and California State Assemblyman’s public relations firm. You’re welcome to attend Ms. Fitzgerald’s “Re-Election Wine Reception” if you want to contribute between $ 125.00 and $ 2,500.00 to the cause. I wonder how many of Curt Pringle’s clients will open their wallets for the occasion?

Pringle Fitzgerald Web Page

I do this for a living!

The answer to that question may be difficult to find out because there is no complete list of those clients on the website of Curt Pringle & Associates, and Jennifer Fitzgerald has not been responsive to public calls for her to release these names. Even if we examine her campaign filings, which we will do at the end of July, we will have no way of knowing which, if any, of her contributors are clients of the Curt Pringle firm, whose services include “Government Affairs,” “Land Use,” and “Public Affairs & Public Relations.” Her constituents won’t know who might be contributing to Jennifer Fitzgerald’s re-election campaign right in the offices of a firm that may be providing government related services to them, possibly by Ms. Fitzgerald herself, even as she serves on the Fullerton City Council.