Newman SOS Victory

3% isn’t huge, but it’s enough.

Matthew Leslie

Will he stay in his new house in Fullerton? Who knows/Who cares? Sukhee Kang just got  handed a train ticket back to Irvine, finishing third in a top-two primary behind Fullerton’s Josh Newman and Diamond Bar based Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang. The latter two will face off in what we expect to be a tough race in November. We can only wait for the legions of establishment Democrat elected officials and party activists who fell in line to endorse and support carpetbagger Sukhee Kang to get behind Josh Newman, for the good of their party, you know… Including Mr. Kang himself, of course, who we will expect to graciously congratulate Mr. Newman and offer his assistance, if he hasn’t already packed his carpet bag and moved on in search of a political future elsewhere by now.

Goodbye Sukhee

Goodbye, my train is leaving!