Matthew Leslie

Fullerton deserves to have a representative in the California State Senate who has lived here longer than just a few months. Carpetbaggers like recent Irvine resident Sukhee Kang shouldn’t be taken seriously as candidates when they move into a district just to run for office, particularly when there is another candidate in the race, Josh Newman, who has lived in Fullerton for years. Unfortunately, and predictably, the establishment Democrats have chosen to endorse the carpetbagging Mr. Kang for the 29th State Senate District instead of Mr. Newman.

Prove them wrong. Tell the Democratic Party that endorsements should be earned, and not awarded in a top-down decision that locks other Democratic candidates into backing someone in order to access critical funding for their own races. As I noted in a different contest in 2014, carpetbagging is its own special form of insincerity, and it’s the last thing we need in a representative in the California State Senate. Reject the corrupt politics as usual, and support Josh Newman, a longtime Fullerton resident who is bucking the system to try to provide honest representation in a world of disingenuous, self-serving carpetbaggers like Sukhee Kang.