All four maps overlay district elections

Greg Sebourn overlaid the boundaries of all four maps before supporting the one that cut his own neighborhood in half.


Matthew Leslie
9:09. Following over an hour of public comment, the council are speaking one by one about which map to adopt.

Greg Sebourn offered an insightful comparison between all four of the district maps. He supports Map  8A.

Jan Flory resented people for implying that she and other council members are in the pockets of the bar owners. She supports Map 8A.

Bruce Whitaker is offering thoughtful comments, appreciates Map 10A, and likes Map 11. Could support, 2B, 11, or 8A.

Doug Chaffee sympathizes with the bar owners because he thinks they’ve been unfairly maligned; downtown is a “city within a city.” Says Map 10A is the one he would pick, but he doesn’t think it would pass. Says that 2B wouldn’t pass in the elections. Says 8A has the best chance of passing. Wants to tweak it, wants to fix the weird split in the northeast (see my earlier story). Says he isn’t running again. Says that just to get it done, he will support 8A.

Jennifer Fitzgerald says we meet in the downtown. Cites political parties participating from outside of the city. Says the council agreed to a process, not a guaranteed outcome. Cites a bunch of statistics about Asians getting elected to provide cover for the fact that 8A is the only one with no  majority Asian Citizen Voting Age Population. Says 8A keeps us unified in purpose but necessarily divided communities of interest. Cites Pasadena model. Supports 8A, says it has the best chance of passing. Moves to select 8A.

Passed unanimously. All members of the Fulleron City Council just sold out Fullerton’s downtown residents. None deserves re-election.

Vote against District Elections in November and let the district mapping process go to a judge instead.