District Elections Map Revision Deadline EmailMatthew Leslie

The Fullerton City Council has narrowed the list of maps to be considered for the November District Elections ballot measure to four in number from a list of eleven submitted by the public. Each of the four submissions, numbers 2B, 8, 10, and 11 are reproduced below, along with the accompanying demographic information about each. The deadline for submitting revisions for each of these maps is Tuesday, May 24, 5:30 p.m.

Final selection of a single map to be presented to the voters will be by the Fullerton City Council during their Tuesday, June 7 meeting. The item was continued from the May 17 City Council meeting following serious disagreements expressed by members of the public over which map to adopt. The four maps were chosen because they had each received some measure of support by different members of the public that night.

The Rag will be publishing several stories in the coming days about that meeting, which saw, among other things:

A last minute full-court press by Fullerton’s illustrious bar owners to adopt a map that would split Downtown Fullerton into five districts–a  bald-faced attempt to dilute the voices of downtown residents about how their region of the city is allowed to operate and develop.

At least one City Council candidate and a representative of one of Fullerton’s largest churches immediately toady up to the bar owners to support their idiot map.

Several current members of the Fullerton City Council inappropriately, and possibly illegally, referencing where some of their own number currently reside in relation to proposed districts.

The plaintiffs of the district elections lawsuit, along with their professional paid organizer allies, supporting a map that lumps Downtown Fullerton into a district with Cal State Fullerton, and not giving one whit about how it would affect the residents of those areas.

More details on these developments in the coming days, but for now, here are the Final Four maps…

Public Submission 02B

Public Submission 02B-2

Map 2B, preferred by the plaintiffs and their professional organizers.

Public Submission 08 numbers.jpg

Public Submission 08 numbers.jpg

Map 8, splitting up the downtown for the benefit of bar owners.

Public Submission 10

Public Submission 10-2

Map 10, a better map for preserving neighborhoods.

Public Submission 11-2

Public Submission 11 numbers.jpg

Map 11, what do you think?