Nature Park or Housing Development?

Nature Park or Housing Development?

There is a Public Information Session about the current development and/or acquisition plan for West Coyote Hills at City Hall tonight, October 14, 7:00 p.m. A full hearing before the Fullerton Planning Commission will take place next week, on Thursday, October 22.

Readers will recall that in 2012 the Chevron’s plans to develop West Coyote Hills were thwarted by the defeat of Measure W by over 61% of Fullerton’s voters, who didn’t like the prospect of 760 new homes being built on the last remaining open space in North Orange County. Immediately following the defeat, Chevron’s Pacific Coast Homes representative announced, for the first time, that Chevron would be a “willing seller” of the property. Negotiations commenced, but moved slowly.

Tonight’s meeting reflects the results of over two years of these negotiations between the Friends of Coyote Hills, Pacific Coast Homes, and the City of Fullerton. The group Friends of Coyote Hills, however, has not yet approved the plan. The plan is a phased tract map that would cede some land immediately to the city, but allow for development of successive areas of the property, unless they can be purchased from Chevron within specified time periods. It represents a risk for anyone who wants to see all of the land preserved. And, as with any plan, the devil is in the details. Check out the plans below the story, and try to make it to the meeting for more information.

From the Friends of Coyote Hills…

“The long awaited park proposal is coming up for a formal public review and then Fullerton City Planning Commission Hearing for a vote. This is a complex formal Development Proposal contingent on an offer by Chevron-Pacific Coast Homes to first allow the City an option to purchase West Coyote Hills for a park. If funds cannot be raised by a deadline, then the property can be developed as approved under this proposal.

The Friends of Coyote Hills has provided limited input to this proposal at a high level. We have discussed a funding model with funding sources and target amounts with the City to achieve the acquisition. Anticipating a high purchase price, we modeled the acquisition in phases over 3 (aggressive and high risk) to 5 (more realistic and moderate risk) years. In preparation for the upcoming public meeting and Hearing, we are reviewing the detailed terms of Chevron’s offer with our legal counsel. We will share our finding and recommendations in the coming days and weeks.

Please do plan to attend these 2 very important events to weigh in on the proposal for West Coyote Hills. Keep in mind, there will be a formal vote by the City at the Hearing.”

Public Information Session
Wednesday, 10/14/15, 7 PM
Fullerton Community Center (Across from City Hall)
340 West Commonwealth AvenueFullerton, CA 92832

Planning Commission Hearing
Thursday, 10/22/15, 7 PM
Fullerton City Hall

The detailed proposal is available on the Fullerton City Website:

Staff Reports for October meeting/hearing (see the “Attachment 2 – Exhibit A – Conditions of Approval”, Section L for the Acquisition Agreement)

Appraisal (only available for part of the site, with remaining appraisal TBD)

Environmental Report Addendum

Vesting Tract Map