Budget doc 0 Tonight the Fullerton City Council will consider the 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 budgets for the city. The item was scheduled to be heard on June 2, but was continued to a special meeting on June 9 because some council members were tired and didn’t want to stay up too late. Readers can find the 106 page document here:


but it isn’t exactly a user friendly experience. Despite being composed of digitally created documents, the budget document itself is a series of scanned pages, so readers cannot search it for specific terms, and must instead scan though the whole thing as if they were looking at microfiche at their local library in 1972.

Budget doc 1

And, speaking of libraries, how about this morsel from the introduction about the Hunt Branch Library?*

Budget doc Hunt

Not much of an answer, if you ask the Rag, who has covered this story since before the City of Fullerton decided it was a good idea to close one of its two library branches and lease it out to a church, all the while insisting that the plan was to revitalize it and reopen it someday. The most telling clue about the fate of the Hunt Branch is not the non-answer from the staff, but in the question itself, which now includes the term “replacing” in addition to “reopening.” Raise your curser if you saw that one coming.

Scanning though the budget, one finds several pages of entries listing the planned increases to fees for renting Parks and Recreation facilities. These supplemental documents are even more unhelpfully scanned and reproduced sideways, making them difficult to read unless printed…

Budget doc 2


*Say, how is that promised historical designation of the building coming along?