Where is the First Fullerton Police Department Audit by Michael Gennaco’s Office of Independent Review?

In September, 2013, The Fullerton City Council brushed aside attempts by local residents to create responsible, local oversight of the city’s own police department to instead hire Michael Gennaco’s Office of Independent Review (OIR) to periodically audit some functions of the Fullerton Police Department (FPD). With only Council member Bruce Whitaker dissenting, a 4 to 1 majority approved an agreement—one that wasn’t even available in the council’s printed agenda—to pay OIR $ 120,000 over a two year trial period for the annual audits. That was over a year and half ago. The first audit, covering the year 2014, should have have been performed, a report submitted, and that report released to the public by now. Where is it? When can the public expect to find out what the OIR had to say about the FPD’s performance over the last year? What did we get for $ 60,000 this year? Is it a secret?