Some candidates from a past election in another city.

Some candidates from a past election in Luton.

Two City Council Candidate Forums and a “meet and greet” have been scheduled prior to the November 4 Election Day. First,

Neighbors United for Fullerton (NUFF) presents a Meet and Greet with the City council Candidates

Monday, September 22, 6:30 – 8:15 p.m.

Osbourne Auditorium, Fullerton Public Library, 353 W. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton

NUFF is a PAC that will eventually endorse two candidates in the race. The Meet and Greet is a good way to talk to the various candidates face to face, one at a time, in the same place. Each candidate will have a table set up in the auditorium, where voters can drop in and speak with them informally.

The Fullerton Chamber of Commerce presents

Fullerton City Council Candidates Forum

Tuesday, Sept. 30, 6:30 p.m.

City Council Chambers, 303 W. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton

Questions posed to the candidates in the forum are generally related to business in the city. An added bonus is the two minute introduction given by each person at the beginning of the program. There is nothing like letting a person go on about themselves and why they are running for office to give you an idea of whether or not they have anything substantive to say.

The Chamber asks attendees to RSVP in advance to 714-871-3100.

Just two days later in the same location,

The League of Women Voters of North Orange County presents a Fullerton City Council Candidates Forum

On Thursday, October 2, 2014, 6:30 p.m.

City Council Chambers, 303 W. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton

According to the organizers, “All candidates for the Fullerton City Council have been invited to a forum where each candidate can be asked questions by the audience. The program will be televised by the City. A trained League member will Moderate the evening with an opportunity for you to ask questions by writing your question on a card. League rules include no campaign materials in the room during the forum, but a table will be available afterwards.”

Of course, audience members cannot directly ask questions of the individual candidates. Instead, cards are passed to audience members, who may write down a question in hopes that the moderator will ask it for them. All questions are directed to all candidates, resulting in a fair enough, if sometimes monotonous format.

The Rag appreciates the ongoing efforts by these organizations to present the voting public with forums where the candidates can distinguish themselves from one another. What we really need, however, is an honest argument between them. We need to hear them directly ask each other difficult and sometimes uncomfortable questions, like “how can you be objective about police oversight if the police union is spending money on your campaign?,” or “what alliances do you have with lobbyists in Orange County?,” or “Why is so much of your funding coming from out of town?” You know, the questions the other groups are too polite to ask.

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