There is a meeting of the Fullerton City Council happening right now, but if you are trying to watch it from home you are likely seeing Flightplan, starring Jodie Foster on the WGN network. Anyone trying to reach the live feed of the meeting from the city’s website will find a moving target of links reading “In Progress” and “View Event” that appear and disappear with each refresh of a browser window, but the links invariably lead to the 2005 thriller starring the Oscar-winning actress trying to find her missing child aboard a jetliner in flight.


A tale nearly as harrowing as Fullerton city politics.

Someone, anyone, explain how this is happening when the flood that affected the city’s video and broadcast of live meetings happened over nine months ago.

UPDATE: This is the view from a TV screen at 7:43 pm…


We’d be better off live-streaming it with our cell phone cameras…