Short Street–too simple to survive.

Short Street, a half block stretch of road between Commonwealth and Amerige, just west of Fullerton’s Main (and only) Library may get a new name Tuesday night courtesy of the Fullerton City Council. The council’s agenda that night includes a consent calendar item to re-christen Short Street “Library Lane.”

Both names have alliterative appeal, but Short Street has always had a place in my heart because it represents a a good decision by a local government. Name a thing something simple and appropriate, and then leave it alone, because it isn’t doing any harm the way it is.

The agenda item description gives no reason for the name change other than to note that on the opposite side of Commonwealth the street leading to the new community center is called “Community Center.”

The Library isn’t hard to find. It’s clearly visible to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists from all sides. They do a booming business from the looks of things. But I suppose it might be confusing to some, or perhaps it offends some sense of symmetrical nomenclature to leave it as it is.

Too bad. Some things are too simple to last forever.