Kelly's Corner on Verdict Night

A gathering of those who value human life at Kelly’s Corner near the spot where Kelly Thomas was sacrificed.

So says one of those gathered tonight, bewildered and outraged at the news that officers on trial in the death of Kelly Thomas have been found not guilty, and now, that charges against another have been dropped.

Dozens have lined up to sign their names and write messages in a book for the family of Kelly Thomas, beaten in the street until he pleaded for his life and called for his father to help him, until his life was taken by the madness of others.

News vans are here to record the reactions of people trying to make sense of the jury’s decision. “I just feel they this is going to enable them to be worse, ” said one, referring to the police. And who can argue with her? What training is a more powerful message to police officers than this verdict?

People are here to share their thoughts, and ultimately, their humanity with one another, because it is now the only defense against brutality in a place where those charged to protect us can instead kill us without being held responsible.