Matt Leslie

Ron Thomas, outspoken father of the murdered Kelly Thomas, has taken the trouble to factually correct a post on Fullerton Rag. The May 18 story, entitled What Happened to Police Oversight in Fullerton? suggested that the taxpayers of Fullerton would be in for a multi-million dollar bill if and when Mr. Thomas settles his civil against the city over the death of his son at the hands of the Fullerton Police Department.Ron Thomas

Speaking before the Fullerton City Council during the public comments period on May 21, Mr. Thomas made the point that any settlement resulting from his civil suit would be paid by the city’s insurance carrier, and not by the taxpayers of Fullerton. He explained that the $ 1 million settlement already awarded to Kelly Thomas’ mother from her separate legal action over her son’s killing met the deductible for the city’s insurance policy, leaving the insurance company with any future bills related to the case.

Somehow there is little comfort in the fact that we collectively spent $ 1 million for the privilege of shifting the remaining financial burden for an unlawful killing to the city’s insurance company, who will presumably adjust our rates upward henceforth.