Matt Leslie 

Representatives of the Coast to Coast Foundation invited members of the audience attending the May 21 meeting of the Fullerton City Council to join them on the first and third Sundays of each month to feed members of the homeless encampment on the site of the now closed Hunt Branch Library. The Foundation then presented awards to City Manager Joe Felz, Police Chief Dan Hughes, and the entire Fullerton City Council.

Hunt-homeless-campThe Fullerton Public Library’s Board of Trustees voted for an emergency closure of the Hunt Branch Library in March after being told that the library’s staff faced unsafe conditions on the site, in part because of a growing population of homeless people there. City Manager Joe Felz and Fullerton Police Chief Dan Hughes were present for the emergency vote on March 28, where Chief Hughes expressed concerns for the safety of both library staff and patrons, and “reiterated that they (police) have ordered the campers to move out of the park area under stress of being cited or placed under arrest.”