Matt Leslie

The text at the link below can be found on the City of Fullerton’s website. The Downtown Core and Corridors Specific Plan is complicated enough without the help of the author who penned this masterpiece (boldface added) about a very big planning project with the potential to change zoning for vast areas of the city. Promoting an effort to be involved as part of an “Advisory Committee” with an invitation like the one below does not fill me with confidence.

“Downtown Core and Corridors Specific Plan Seeks Advisory Committee Members

The City of Fullerton is embarking on a Specific Plan effort to guide the future vision for the Downtown Core and Corridors areas and ensure or downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods are thriving and sustainable. The study area encompasses approximately 1100 acres and spans the commercial core and neighborhoods in and around the adjacent corridors across the City.

To assist with this effort, a committee representing the multiple interest of the study area will be appointedto provide input and guidance throughout the work program. The “Advisory Committee” will be responsible for reviewing information, providing feedback on topics, recommending priorities, soliciting the participation of teh community at large and working to represent specific interest of the community.

Deadline to apply for the Advisory Committee is April 22.”