Matt Leslie

On February 19 the Fullerton City Council heard a presentation by the Police Oversight Proposal Committee (POPC) about a proposed ordinance to establish a police commission in the city. The council did not entertain comments from attending members of the public. Although Mayor Bruce Whitaker was complimentary of the group’s initiative to independently research and formulate the proposal, no member of the council asked a single question about the ordinance. The presentation was summarily received and filed.

POPCI-R-and-FPOPC is scheduled to speak during a study session for the city council scheduled for March 19, prior to the council’s normal closed session meeting. It is presumed that this study session will begin at 4:00 p.m., but no definite time has been given. In addition to POPC, the city staff and police department are expected to speak to the subject of police oversight in Fullerton. The study session will not take place in the city hall council chambers, which is equipped with recording equipment normally employed to broadcast live meetings and preserve a record of the proceedings. Instead, it will take place at the library next door, where no such facilities exist, although there is no prohibition on attendees recording the proceedings themselves.