Matt Leslie

Sometime today a special 5:00 pm meeting was added to the Fulleton City Council’s August 21 calendar. The agenda includes a single item: “Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release per Government Code Section 54957.1(a)(5).”

Sounds ominous. The city council only directly hires two people, the City Manager and the Chief of Police. (They also oversee the City Attorney(s), but the attorneys are not city employees).

This blog isn’t normally about guessing, but I am intrigued about a disciplinary meeting being called on such short notice.

UPDATE, Tuesday Evening, August 21.

Nothing was reported from the special city council meeting suddenly scheduled for 5:00 pm today. It should be noted that both Acting Police Chief Hughes and City Manager Felz are attending the regular council meeting. So, it’s anyone’s guess what it was all about.